5 Tools for Driving Sales Productivity

  • 14 June 2023
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Everybody is selling. Whether you ask for a raise, are negotiating an offer, convincing your idea or simply asking for pocket money from your dad, you are selling something. Similarly, sales is very important for any organisation. With economic uncertainty, sales teams are facing pressure to perform in challenging conditions. With budget constraints, sales closure is getting lengthened. The sales teams are always on their toes. Sales professionals need to learn many tips to be successful. They need a lot of tools to increase their productivity.

Here is an attempt to discuss 5 different tools which are required for any sales professional.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Customers are very important for any organisation. Managing them well definitely increases revenue for the organisation. Customer retention is also a very crucial factor.
    As per a survey, 77% of customers feel that they are not engaged with their service provider. 
    A CRM tool helps sales professionals to engage them well. A customer 360-degree view always helps to know all you need about the customer. It enables the sales team to not only go beyond just transactional relationships, but also to create personalised customer engagement.
  2. Sales forecasting
    Right sales forecasting is an important tool for modern Sales professionals. It gives an idea about the current status as well business in the pipeline. Right forecasting helps in taking important business decisions.
  3. AI-enabled reporting
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting everybody’s life nowadays. AI enabled sales is definitely an add-on to sales productivity. It helps sales professionals to know the customer behavior so that they can personalise their offerings. AI can definitely help sales professionals to understand what to focus on and what to not. This can definitely help them in upselling and cross-selling.
  4. Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity Management
    Salespeople always interact with their Leads, Accounts and Contacts. Opportunities on their accounts are to be well managed. The relationship between Leads, Accounts’, Contacts and Opportunities to be well maintained. Managing activities like events, calls, meetings, sending emails etc. also have to be well organised. A right CRM tool like Salesforce always helps to maintain all these in a centralised place and give customer 360 view to the sales representatives.
  5. Mobile App
    Sales people are mobile. They data need to be handy for them. A mobile application is a must for the sales people. Any CRM tool without a mobile application is like boating without a row!
    The Mobile app always keeps the data handy. Also, sales professionals can do the transactions while they are on the go. 

Know how an in-built mobile app in Salesforce CRM increases the productivity of salespeople!

Hope this information on tools for sales productivity powers your sales growth success. Good luck!

Abhijeet Kate

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Abhijeet has donned many hats throughout his career. His varied experience in hardware, sales, CRM, project management have played a critical role in setting up and the development of digiCloud Solutions. Developing growth strategies is the key focus for Abhijeet.