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Creating Customer Relationships
That Drive Profitability

Uneecops has been a longstanding Salesforce partner, delivering cutting-edge transformative solutions.
Our collaboration with Salesforce goes beyond creating enterprises of tomorrow instead, we help businesses build
and maintain strong relationships with their customers to get the best out of CRM solutions truly.

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CX Transformation Solutions

Customer 360

Customer 360 - Render Team Amalgamation

Enterprises must create a framework that delivers seamless CX experiences that exceeds customer expectations. Such digital enablement requires real-time insights and human capabilities. As a strategic Salesforce consulting partner, Uneecops delivers end-to-end customers 360 solutions to connect your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams.

  • 25% Decrease in IT costs
  • 29% Faster insights
  • Seamless collaboration across all teams
  • Real-time insights to make smarter decisions

Sales Cloud - Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs

Every touch point in the consumer journey defines how likely the customer will purchase that product or service. A smooth sales process is the cornerstone of a good consumer experience. Uneecops with Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you grow your accounts, find newer customers, and close deals faster.

  • 29% Increase in productivity
  • 50% Cost savings with Sales Cloud and Slack
  • Optimize outcomes with real-time data
  • Close deals with intelligent insights
Sales Cloud
Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud - Automate Engagement, Deliver Success

Organizations that create effective marketing channels are guaranteed to build and maintain successful customer relationships. Uneecops and Marketing Cloud enables you with extensive knowledge of the profile attributes, customer behaviors, and interests to offer solutions and services that resonate with them.

  • 27% Decrease in customer acquisition costs
  • 50% Cost savings in marketing activities
  • Real-time data with Genie
  • AI-driven analytics to enhance marketing performance

Services Cloud - Drive Efficiency, Scale Business

Customers today demand a holistic experience from brands. Regardless of the time of the day, customers can turn to you for help. Thus, enhancing the CX experience is crucial to maintain loyalty. With the Salesforce Service Cloud module, we empower our clients to understand customer responses and help them engage them with humanized actions.

  • 27% Reduction in support cost
  • 30% Faster case management
  • Scale every service process with automation
  • AI-powered chatbots to deliver personalized service
Services Cloud

Trusted By Leading Industries

Leading industries trust our Salesforce solutions to accelerate digital transformation and succeed with industry-specific solutions.




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Travel/Hospitality and, 12+ other industries

Travel/Hospitality and, 12+ other industries

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Client Success Stories

UBSdigiCloud’s technical competence, vast experience of integrations and practical solutions for complex problems have surprised us! They came in as a problem solver when solution was not in sight and turned the situation in just few days and instilled confidence in business and IT teams!

Business Head

Business Head, The largest chemical producer in the world headquartered in Germany with annual revenue of $92,989 million.

I thank you and the entire UBSdigicloud team for supporting us till date. We laud the efforts you have put in to make salesforce a truly amazing value-added experience for Fluidyne team. Once again, thank you and hope to work with you in the forthcoming year.

Director, Business Development

Director, Business Development, Undisputed leader in offering turnkey liquid management solutions to automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Deep understanding of Salesforce combined with business process knowledge, helped us in drafting clear objectives for using Salesforce to meet our business growth plans. Professional execution, on time delivery, proactive communication and caring attitude made Salesforce implementation one of the successful project at our company!


CEO, A USD 3 billion conglomerate with a 10,000 global workforce, backed by 50+ years of experience in manufacturing.

We started interacting with UBSdigiCloud after evaluating with at least seven other Salesforce implementing agencies and we could connect from the beginning. The approach of UBSdigiCloud team to understand our business was very simple and it generated a lot of confidence in us. During installation phase there was daily communication to plug the gaps. The training provided during implementation was sufficient for our entire team members. We thank UBSdigiCloud for all their dedication to get the project completed on time.

Marketing Head


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Salesforce offers a complete suite of solutions. It unites your sales and helps you grow relationships with customers and employees alike. It helps teams work better together, connect the dots between marketing and sales, enable real-time decisions, provide customer segmentation, and drive marketing campaigns and business success.
Salesforce CRM provides a single source of truth and connects every business function such as sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. It helps you find more quality leads, strengthen sales, improve customer service, and help you win and grow business revenue faster. It can be customized and scaled for any company and its always-on intelligence and powerful automation make it one of the desired and trusted platforms for any business.
Salesforce is the best tool for a business solution as your business users are empowered to resolve issues on their own with self-forecasting tools. The tool has built-in automation and intelligence, which drive business growth and makes every customer touchpoint personalized fostering stronger customer relationships at scale. Easy to implement and adapt, Salesforce connects sales with marketing, and more and helps your team boost productivity, accelerate collaboration and focus on the highest-value activities to drive profitable and sustainable growth.
When it comes to digital innovation in the workplace Salesforce seems to be the first choice of businesses. Salesforce has all the leading capabilities that help businesses of all sizes achieve their digital endeavors such as sales opportunity management, lead and contact management, and more. No matter the size of your business, Salesforce helps you track all the right information about your leads, and close deals faster from anywhere.