$100 million global online travel aggregator company offloaded manual processes and went the extra mile with Salesforce automation

$100 million global online travel aggregator company offloaded manual processes and went the extra mile with Salesforce automation

Company Overview

In July 2006, this travel company entered the market and quickly rose to become India’s fastest-growing online aggregator technology company. With a bold vision to lead the industry through innovation, the company aimed to establish a unique value proposition that provided customers with convenience, choice, competitive pricing, and exclusive content. To achieve this, the company required a robust digital platform that could unify operations, manage sales opportunities, and leverage data to drive strategic decision-making.

Salesforce has given us good visibility over operations and customer transactions. Our teams are able to handle more calls than before and we are resolving most of the cases within the targeted deadlines. Thanks to UBSdigiCloud’s continued support, we are now looking to make greater use of Service Cloud capabilities.

– VP

Before: Manual processes, increased time to market, redundancies in sales

  • High workload for agents, as the company relied on manual processes for managing calls and identifying sales opportunities.
  • Challenges faced in tapping client interactions with individual travel companies. This means potential opportunities were lost.
  • The existing vendor could not implement as expected.

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform that can scale every service process with automation and empower every sales rep in the system.
  • When the travel aggregator company’s existing vendor failed to meet their expectations, leading to continued inefficiencies and unresolved challenges in managing their sales process, UBSdigiCloud was roped in to takeover Salesforce implementation.
  • UBSdigiCloud not only successfully implemented the CRM, but also added custom enhancements to meet the company’s unique needs.

After: Unlocked new revenue opportunities, improved customer relationships, and grew revenue with empathy

  • UBSdigiCloud implemented 600 licenses and undertook complex case management of at least 75-80 Qs (types of case buckets), such as agent login, queue selection, auto assignment etc.
  • With the help of UBSdigiCloud and the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud, this global hospitality enterprise was able to reduce agent workload, resulting in significant business benefits. 
  • The new system allowed the company to quickly respond to customer needs, such as offering alternative flights in the case of a missed connection, and tap into new and existing sales opportunities.
  • Overall, automation in customer interactions and updates led to improved customer experience.

Efficiency gains

Agent Workload down by 60%

Fewer manual calls increased agent efficiency

Tapping new, potential and lost opportunities

Connecting with customers at every step due to automation and complete journey mapping

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