South Asia’s Premier Logistics Company Transformed Their Sales Processes with Salesforce

South Asia’s Premier Logistics Company Transformed Their Sales Processes with Salesforce

Company Overview

A South Asia’s premier logistics company and trusted brand since 1983 delivers to 35,000+ locations in India via express air and integrated transportation and distribution services. Serving B2B and retail clients, they boast a fleet of six dedicated Boeing 757s, covering an expansive network.

UBSdigiCloud’s expertise in integrated implementations made it possible for an organization of our scale to move away from our legacy CRM solution and embrace automation hassle-free. We’re amazed at the level of service and how seamless the transition was, even though the challenges of the pandemic. Our valuable resources are finally free to focus on their core responsibilities and serve our customers better as our business expands.


Before: legacy software lacked capabilities and was not scalable

  • Being the largest logistics business in India and South Asia, the company locally-developed a homegrown solution in 2003 by an internal IT team, which could no longer support the organization’s exponential growth trajectory.
  • Standalone solution could not accommodate complex sales processes or the growing needs of salespeople and the complexity of the sales cycle, impacting timely decision making.
  • Challenges faced by the sales team included manual lead assignment leading to uneven playing field, delayed access to finance data for visit planning, manual and limited reimbursement reporting based on travel mode, missed opportunities due to inadequate data access, and constraints for deploying new sales processes requiring customer categorization.

This prompted them to explore an integrated customer relationship and experience solution, which served as an entry point for the world’s leading CRM: Salesforce.

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • Salesforce is a tool that could optimize the sales cycle and prove to be an integrated customer relationship and experience solution.
  • UBSdigiCloud’s in-depth understanding of sales processes, automation, and best practices, as well as skills and experience in implementing large enterprise-level applications in the first phase made the logistics company confident that we are the right Salesforce partner for them, for the long haul.
  • UBSdigiCloud led the modernization process through Advisory & Consulting, Integrated Implementation, and Integration phases to complete the deployment of Salesforce’s Service Cloud, providing connected experiences and AI-powered workflows and automation.

After: automating sales processes, unlocking new levels of efficiency, recognition, and motivation through smart proposals and sales volume

  • One platform for digitalizing lead scoring, qualifying, and auto-assignment
  • Access to real-time data enables monthly data-led business forecasts which, combined with customer profiling and basketing, helps sales teams better plan customer visits throughout the month
  • A combination of geo location tagging, and a manual declaration of distance travelled is improving accuracy without policing
  • Customer 360-degree and better categorization for enhanced customer loyalty management

Efficiency gains

ROI within 3-4 weeks

By creating a business case and continuous advising, UBSdigiCloud moved to agile implementation and data management to deliver quick ROI.

Complete sales automation via Salesforce

Significant time and cost savings, increased efficiency, more focus on high-value tasks, and improved service quality and reliability.

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